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Training Material

The main focus of the Institute for Christian Leadership Development is training. A curriculum has been developed that is presented in the Leadership Schools hosted by the ICLD.

Lectures are presented over a period of seven months each year, either weekly or monthly, as arranged with a local organizing committee. Course candidates are required to consistently attend each session. Classes are conducted in English and all correspondence and material are published in English. Participants receive homework from time to time and are guided through application of course materials.

Goals of Leadership Training Program
1.    To raise community leaders who ensure that God’s will is done on earth as it is in heaven.
2.    Establish believers in the new priesthood that affects all of creation and every sector of society
3.    Motivate believers to find own vision and purpose in Christ.
4.    Prepare future political leaders for Nations ( from a biblical perspective).
5.    Christian leaders should be able to receive heavenly patterns and establish  the same as earthly, every day standard in all sectors of society.

There are five general modules

Module 1:   A New Priesthood (Priesthood of all Believers) - 4 topics

Module 2:   Consecration, Devotion and Prayer - 9 topics

Module 3:   Freedom Series - 5 topics

Module 4:   Vision for 21st Century Leaders Series - 6 topics

Module 5:   Leadership and Discipleship Series - 6 topics

Special modules are developed and are available on demand for different sectors of society (public officers, educators, health workers, business persons, politicians) in the application of biblical principles to public life.

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The ICLD offers consultancy services for businesses as well as leaders in both the public and private sectors.


Module 1: Leadership and Priesthood

Priesthood translates into leadership. Power and authority have a spiritual basis. Every profession or discipline takes its cue from the practice of priesthood. Political and economic fabrics of nations are shaped by one form of priesthood or the other. Society is therefore a function of the priesthood that is exercised by the leaders and that influences the populace. Priests determine the spiritual, economic, social and political climate of society. A study of biblical priesthood prepares Christians to function effectively in public and private sector.

• Priesthood

• The Challenge of Satanic Priesthood

• Priesthood and Economic Development of Nations

• Priesthood and Political Development of Nations

• Priesthood and the Various Sectors of Society

Module 2: Leadership and Prayer

Consecration, devotion and biblical leadership are intertwined concepts. Jesus raised leaders in the place of prayer. Men who transformed cities, cultures and generations were rooted and disciplined in prayer. We cannot improve on this strategy that Jesus employed. It is in the place of effective prayer that Christian Character is developed. Also structures of darkness which enslave peoples and seduce nations can be overthrown. Prayer opens the heavens for us to receive development strategies for territories and raise relevant God fearing leaders. Prayer closets have produced leaders of trans-generational wisdom and grace both in the private and public sector. A Christian leader must learn to wrestle with God until Christ is formed in him or her and destiny is released. A prayerful Christian leader will find answers to community problems and ensure that God’s will is done on earth as it is in heaven.

• Leadership and Prayer

• The Ministry of Prayer

• Prayer Ministry in the Local Church Assembly

• Intercession and Spiritual Warfare

Module 3: Strongholds and Bondages

The Bible teaches that peoples and territories can be subject to demonic bondages. Such bondages determine the politics, economy, social as well as spiritual climate in which people function. A leader’s major responsibility lies in his or her ability and skill in dealing with these bondages. This can also determine the scope and reach of the gospel in such society. Again, covenants made with powers of darkness can affect Christian leaders adversely if they are not adequately tackled. Is it possible that powers of darkness already have established agents who seek to control the same territory that we believers seek to transform?

• The Origin & Purpose of Spiritual Conflict

• Stronghold and Bondages

• Altars

• Spiritual Mapping

• Occultism Among Nations (A challenge in discipleship of Nations)

Module 4: Prophetic Perspectives in Leadership

There is a growing hunger for prophetic clarity within the church as well as the need to separate the “soulish” from the “Spiritual”.  These series will explore the various forms of the ministry of Prophecy, Prophets and the prophetic. Peoples and whole generations perish for lack of vision. This module presents the timeless purposes of God and supplies direction to leaders, preventing the tragedy of the blind leading the blind. The vision for God’s purposes in every generation and nation is embedded in God’s word and is revealed by the Spirit to all who wish to build according to His pattern. It is essential for leaders to take hold of the plan of heaven and build according to divine pattern. Leaders need to become facilitators of what God seeks to accomplish in this dispensation on the earth. These series of lessons supply the preparations necessary for a potential leader.

• Key Elements for Christian Leaders in the 21st Century

• The Ministry of Prophecy

• Hearing God’s Voice

• The Feasts of the LORD

• The Gospel of the Kingdom

• The Victory of Jesus: Implications & Applications of the Death & Resurrection with respect to Nation Building

• Judgment of Nations

• Restructuring Society

Module 5: Biblical Leadership

Here we focus on biblical principles of leadership and the effect of culture on the development of nations. The call to follow is a call to leadership. Judgement is viewed as an on-going assessment. A biblical alternative to the world system is proffered so that nations are built on enduring principles according to the revealed purposes of the Almighty. Leaders are held accountable by God for action, inaction, policies, and cross cultural and international relations because the earth is the Lord’s and all its fullness.

• Biblical Leadership

• Discipleship

• Foundations of a Spiritual Leader

• Leadership & Destiny of Nations

• The Making of a Leader

• Dynamics of Decision Making

• Issues in Political Leadership

• Biblical Leadership Styles and Models