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The Holy Spirit is moving anew upon the earth to raise Godly, visionary, territorial, generational and strategic leaders through whom He will establish a new standard and reveal God’s glory among nations.  It is crucial at this stage of human history for the Church to release apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers into every sector of society who will engage and secure the nations as Christ's inheritance, that His Kingdom may come and His will be done on the earth as it is in heaven.

To this end, the Institute for Christian Leadership Development has been established to sound a trumpet call to awaken the sons and daughters of God to take responsibility to disciple the nations in the path of truth, equity and righteousness.

The primary challenge in Africa is leadership. Africa and nations of the world need leadership that is able to discern and make the most of opportunities. The nations need transformation. The collapse of infrastructure and social order in many nations bear testimony to this. The challenges that face this generation include the crisis of corruption, poverty, rise of occultism, moral decadence, HIV/AIDS, crime, drug abuse, divorce, domestic violence and unemployment. Solutions to these problems cannot be left for the government alone to address. We need to seek God, understand biblical principles, receive divine tools and be equipped to address these issues.

The vision of the Institute for Christian Leadership Development is to raise the standard of leadership in society and through the application of scriptural ethics raise the quality of service in government, business and industry for the revelation of the glory of God among the nations of the earth.

The Institute for Christian Leadership Development (ICLD) has embarked on a program intended to build capacity and empower people to develop the nations and affect future generations.


The leadership of the ICLD comprises of a Board of Executive and Non-Executive Directors, a Chief Executive Officer, several Regional and Project Coordinating Committees.  Directors are chosen by members at the Annual General Meeting of the ICLD and include Pastors, Ministry Leaders and Christian Businessmen.

The main focus of the ICLD is training. A curriculum has been developed that is presented in the Leadership School, run by the ICLD.  The ICLD has embarked on development of specialised training material for all professions. This serves to equip believers in the understanding of each profession from a biblical perspective and to establish a sense of divine purpose in every Christian professional.

The Institute for Leadership Development welcomes financial partners who share the vision for the transformation of communities and nations. We have three categories of partners.